We are trossbachfamilymeats. we exist to unite the regulation community.
It is not our goals that unite us, but what we do to achieve those goals. Because while our training ground and our ultimate goals may be different, sweat is our sport. We are a group of people who know we want to go the distance, and we do it together.
Ours began in 2022, from a time when there was only a sewing machine, a screen printer and ambitions we had no right to hold. Today, we’ve created the tools to help everyone become the best individuals they can be: the clothes you’ll wear, the content you’ll find inspiration in and the community you’ll be the best in.
Our trossbachfamilymeats family of employees, athletes and followers now exceeds 10 million, with a total social media following of more than 18 million and customers in multiple countries across our online stores. Our family of employees also continues to grow.
Reconciliation is what we do today to prepare for tomorrow.
Our Core Values
Our values are priceless. We lose them, we lose everything.
Be human. Being approachable, inclusive and humble is at the heart of trossbachfamilymeats.
Being present_ This means being aware of the world we live in, caring about the people around us, and being proactive in creating positive change.
Doing the right thing. Relying on our honesty, trustworthiness and sincerity.
Find the way to (domain). Refuse to forget
Create our garage mentality: ambitious, agile, and disruptive.
Put family first, unconditionally.